Cease from Your Sorrow and Crying – 2014

instruments Cease_from_Your_Sorrow_and_Crying_back2 Cease_from_Your_Sorrow_and_Crying_back3
01 Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain
02 The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
03 When I Get Low I Get High
04 The Call of the Freaks
05 There’ll Be Some Changes Made
06 Brother Can You Spare a Dime
07 Limehouse Blues
08 New Orleans Bump
09 I Lost My Gal from Memphis
10 Watching Dreams Go By (Solitariness)
11 Billy Goat Stomp
12 I’m a Long Gone Daddy
13 Old Man Mose Is Dead
14 Kärleksvals
15 Who Stole the Lock on the Hen House Door
16 Makin’ Whoopee
17 Lover, Come Back to Me
18 Postludium (Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain)

Ulf Dreber – soprano saxophone (1-6,8-11,13,15-18) background vocals (13) vocals (16)
Nikolas Viisanen – trombone (1-9,11,13,15-18)
Jacob Ullberger – guitar (5,10,15,17) tenor banjo (7-9,11,13,16,18) tenor guitar (3,4,14) six-string banjo (2) clarinet (1-3,6,8,9) background vocals (9,15) vocals (6,13)
Alf Sjöblom – double bass (2,3,5-7,10,12,15,17,18) tuba (1,4,8,9,11,13,16)
Martin Ljungberg – washboard (2,3,5,7-9,11,15-17) bass drum (4,13,18) vocals (2,3,5,9,12,15) background vocals (12) tenor horn (1,8) tenor banjo (6)

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Recorded by Nisse Björn at studio Ljudbjörnen, 21-23/3, 2014
Edited by Nisse Björn and Stockholm Stompers
Mixed by Nisse Björn, Jacob Ullberger and Alf Sjöblom
Mastered by Stockholm Mastring
Album design by Martin Ljungberg and Folke Bagger
Photos by Marcin Kopka
All arrangements by Jacob Ullberger, with Martin Ljungberg (12), Alf Sjöblom (2,10,12) and Stockholm Stompers (5,15,17)
Produced by Stockholm Stompers

Photos from the recording sessions at Studio Ljudbjörnen

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