When the Stevedore Stomps – 2008

1. Stevedore Stomp
2. Hummin’ to Myself
3. Ack Värmland du sköna
4. Black and Tan Fantasy
5. A Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia
6. It’s Wonderful
7. What a dream
8. Blues for Bechet
9. Sweet Georgia Brown
10. Comes Love
11. Sweet Georgia Brown
12. Nuage

Ulf Dreber– soprano saxophone
Kristoffer Kompen– trombone
Jacob Ullberger – guitar, banjo and background vocals
Alf Sjöblom – double bass
Martin Ljungberg – washboard and vocals

Price 100 SEKBuy

Recorded, mixed and edited in studio Mutki at Sparrsätra outside Enköping by Peter Hennix and Daniel Scott in May/June-2008.
Photo by Daniel Scott and Claes Koffman
Liner notes by Jacob Ullberger
Layout by Martin Ljungberg
Produced by Stockholm Stompers

Liner notes:
In the fall of 2007 there was suddenly a Norwegian trombone player walking the cold and rainy streets of Stockholm. The problem was that he was too good to be let alone. Meanwhile a Swedish soprano saxophone player was thinking of regrouping his classical jazz band into a smaller unit with two horns and a lighter, more transparent chamber music atmosphere. A washboard man with a special tinge for singing long forgotten lyrics was living out in the woods way south of Stockholm and in one of the northen suburbs a bass player was rosining his bow. And somewhere a guitar player was sitting in his chamber pondering of exploring the limits and borderline areas of traditional jazz. What a recipe! But the meal did not turn out to be a sweet, soft and gentle chamber music ensemble. There was a roaring, stomping, boiling jazz band with five wild and unbridled voices playing hide-and-seek with each other while not beating the blues out of those twelve bars. Tradition and open-minded playfulness with great love added to it, made a full-bodied stew that pleased the audience wherever the band played.

But the Stockholm Stompers has a glorious history that began long before this point. The band was formed in 1967 by the trumpeter Bent Persson and recorded and toured abundantly for a couple of years. But Ulf Dreber is the only original member still with the band. As a matter of fact no other of the current band members were born at the time the band was formed.

This recording consists of a full hand of durable tunes that hopefully have survived the sometimes heavy-handed treatment provided by the Stockholm Stompers and perhaps flattered by the honest commitment and shy love showed to them.